Target Audiences: Why You Should Have Them.

– and why they’re just as valuable as truffles!

On today’s blog post we’ll be covering the not-so-elusive topic that is… our target audiences! Every brand has one (well, we hope!), but we thought it would be fun to dig a little deeper into discovering why exactly they are so important to every business venture – ever.

For brands, target audiences are much like a highly sought after truffle in the woods. Should the longing for truffle freshly shaved across tonights dinner overcome you, it is in that whirl of excitement you may forget something pretty important. A map! 

Without a map, imagine how you might end up spending the entirety of your day (or week or month!) endlessly digging away wherever your little heart led but with little to no success in the truffle department.

The reality is, much like digging for truffles, the universe will not lead the way when it comes to uncovering where your target audience are (unless you’re this dog in which case.. wanna be friends?).

Devising a well-defined profile of your target audience should always be a fundamental step, as it will ensure your marketing material doesn’t just get lost in the wilderness, and that you don’t get lost while creating it.

Whilst the process of finding and defining a target audience does take effort, it doesn’t need to feel like you’re digging aimlessly for truffles.

Here’s a few reasons why you should seriously consider ditching the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to marketing, and opt for mapping-out your target audience instead.

1. The people you care about, will care about your content

The content you release will become more tailored to the interests, needs and motivations of your target group if you understand the pain points of the audience you’re trying to speak to.

2. Saving your dollar bills

Discovering the where/who/what of your target group means less expenditure and way less time spent throwing spaghetti (your marketing) on the wall hoping it sticks.

3. Spend less time guessing, and more time nailing it

Once you know the target audience you are trying to reach, creating content will become a dream. If you know your audience, you’ll know what speaks to them!

Now, back to the truffle metaphor we go! Always remember to pre-locate the truffles first and foremost before you go out looking – unfortunately you’re not a cute truffle pig (or dog) with freakish sniffing abilities.

The next time you are gathering your truffle findings from the day, the promise of freshly shaved truffle atop your dinner awaiting you, you’ll be reminded of how a simple map and a little bit of preparation did all the heavy digging for you.

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