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We love the fun stuff...

Are you looking to grow your social media presence? Does your marketing strategy need a complete overhaul? Are you completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you. 

At Loubet Creative, we love to think big. Our team of creatives are experts in out of the box approaches to marketing - whether it’s a slight brand refresh or creating an event that will attract major media attention, our team have you covered.

Basically if you can imagine it, we can make it happen. And if you can’t imagine it.. we’ll do it for you!

...but we also get right down to business.

 And when it comes to business, we know what works. With over 10 year’s experience in marketing strategy, content creation, email marketing, creative activations, branding and social media in industries ranging from hospitality to retail, we’ve got an extensive understanding of how to make big ideas come to life both operationally and financially.. without being boring! We’ll also be with you every step of the way - from creative conception to the day that your big ideas come to life. 

So if your brand has a story that needs telling, get in touch. You can tell it to us over a wine, and then we will work together to tell the world.

About Laura

Let’s be honest, no one likes writing about themselves, so we’ll make this short and sweet; Laura’s been around the block - the marketing block. While based in the UK she organized events in cities all around the world, then overlooked a sick collection of food & beverage brands in Australia, and then decided that after 17 years it was time to take over the world with her own full service marketing agency that cares about the little guys, the big guys, and everyone in between.

We're here and ready to help grow your business.

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